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Vinyl Record Shop

Plastic Stone Records is an independent record store. We specialize in Vaporwave, Anime, and Video Game Soundtrack on vinyl records. In our webshop, you can find some electronic music and rock - often with a psychedelic twist. We love music released on vinyl records. For sale, we have a good selection of music, most likely released by independent labels from around the world. We are Europe based record shop and we ship worldwide. We do our best to provide the best music on vinyl for our customers.

Colored Vinyl Records

Many albums from our offer are released in limited vinyl versions. These are deluxe or restricted stock editions on coloured vinyl. Such releases offer not only analogue sound, but also collector's value. The labels often try to match the color of the vinyl to the album artwork, which makes these releases look really phenomenal. You will also find exclusive vinyl editions made especially for our Plastic Stone Records store. Stay tuned, subscribe to our newsletter above to not miss any vinyl gems.