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Dragon Ball Super Vol. 1 (Original Soundtrack) 2xLP (Orange Purple Vinyl)

Dragon Ball Super Vol. 1 (Original Soundtrack) 2xLP (Orange Purple Vinyl)

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DRAGON BALL SUPER is a beloved Japanese anime crafted by Toei Animation Studios. Penned by the original Dragon Ball maestro Akira Toriyama, it continues the saga, picking up shortly after the defeat of Boo in Dragon Ball Z.

"Four years have passed since Boo's demise, bringing a newfound era of peace to Earth. Goku has traded his battles for a farmer's life, while Vegeta relishes family time. Yet, the thirst for strength and training remains unquenched. Goku embarks on a journey to train under Master Kaio, only to discover a looming threat: Beerus, the God of Destruction, who has awakened from a 39-year slumber. Beerus seeks a formidable opponent foretold in his dreams – the Divine Super Saiyan – and sets out to test his might."

Since 2017, this enthralling anime has graced screens in France via Toonami, initially in a censored rendition followed by an uncensored version a month later. With 131 episodes and 2 feature films, DRAGON BALL SUPER continues to captivate audiences worldwide with its epic storytelling and dynamic characters.



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Barcode: 3701627800444



A1. To Tomorrow
A2. Believe in Yourself
A3. Believe in Yourself (Strings Version)
A4. A Powerful Enemy Appears
A5. Difficult Battle
A6. Crushing Defeat
A7. Sign of Victory
A8. Great Comeback
A9. Super Saiyan God
A10. Reconciliation
A11. Beerus' Planet
A12. Beerus' Teatime
A13. Beerus' Madness
A14. Vegeta's Strength

B1. Team Dragon's Theme
B2. What's Taking Goku So Long!?
B3. Under the Blue Sky
B4. Higgledy-Piggledy Town
B5. Scene of a Party
B6. A Romantic Night
B7. Like Those Clouds
B8. Scene of a Southern Island
B9. Fire Dance
B10. Fate of the Earth
B11. The Pilaf Gang's Scheme
B12. The Pilaf Gang Flees
B13. I’m the Greatest in the World
B14. Infinitely Expansive Grand Universe

C1. Birth of a God
C2. Delightful Friends from Pluto
C3. Incident
C4. Probing Each Other
C5. CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA (Days of Battle)
C6. Delightful Days
C7. Gods of Destruction Invitational Fighting Tournament
C8. Champa's Theme
C9. Chubby Waltz
C10. Resurrected Frieza
C11. Frieza's Plot
C12. Premonition
C13. Terror of the Frieza Army

D1. Fear That Can’t Be Erased
D2. Into Battle
D3. A Close Battle
D4. Frieza's Chosen
D5. Golden Frieza's Theme
D6. Tough Opponent
D7. Time to Fight Back
D8. Waves of Battle
D9. Blue Saiyan
D10. Regret
D11. End of a Desperate Battle
D12. Endless Training
D13. Gods of Destruction Invitational Fighting Tournament Begins!