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Silent Hill 2 - Original Video Game Soundtrack 2xLP (Eco Random Color Vinyl)

Silent Hill 2 - Original Video Game Soundtrack 2xLP (Eco Random Color Vinyl)

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Mondo is proud to bring you this masterpiece, pressed on 180 Gram Eco-Vinyl and manufactured in the Czech Republic with the utmost care. This vinyl pressing features all new artwork by Sara Deck, giving this iconic soundtrack a fresh and captivating look.

The "SILENT HILL 2" soundtrack has been remastered by James Plotkin, ensuring an exceptional audio experience. The music perfectly captures the psychological horror and surreal elements of the game, evoking a sense of mystery and fear.

Immerse yourself in the haunting and beautiful melodies that will send shivers down your spine. "SILENT HILL 2" is a journey into the depths of a hellish world, where reality and nightmare blend into one.

If you enjoyed the frightful jump scares of "SILENT HILL 1," get ready for "SILENT HILL 2" to haunt your dreams for years to come. This soundtrack is an unforgettable musical experience that will leave a lasting impression.

At our internet record store, we curate a diverse selection of video game soundtracks, and "SILENT HILL 2" stands out as a timeless gem that showcases the power of music in creating an immersive gaming experience.

Explore the buying options and secure your copy of this haunting soundtrack. Let the music of "SILENT HILL 2" transport you to a realm of psychological horror and mystery, as you relive the spine-tingling journey of this gaming masterpiece.



Record Label

Mondo - MOND-098




A1 Theme Of Laura 3:24
A2 White Noiz 1:23
A3 Forest 1:43
A4 A World Of Madness 1:47
A5 Ordinary Vanity 1:39
A6 Promise (Reprise) 1:44
A7 Ashes And Ghost 3:07
A8 Null Moon 2:50
B9 Heaven's Night 2:04
B10 Alone In The Town 2:19
B11 The Darkness That Lurks In Our Mind 1:15
B12 Angel's Thanatos 3:17
B13 The Day Of Night 1:37
B14 Block Mind 1:12
B15 Magdalene 1:52
B16 Fermenta In Mistic Air 2:16
B17 Prisonic Fairytale 1:54
C18 Love Psalm 4:26
C19 Silent Heaven 2:13
C20 Noone Love You 1:32
C21 The Reverse Will 3:33
C22 Laura Plays The Piano 1:54
C23 Terror In The Depths Of The Fog 4:31
D24 True 3:06
D25 Betrayal 2:30
D26 Black Fairy 1:12
D27 Theme Of Laura (Reprise) 1:51
D28 Overdose Delusion 4:31
D29 Pianissimo Epilogue 1:36
D30 Promise 4:39