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Nami Shimada - Curiosity LP (Black Vinyl)

Nami Shimada - Curiosity LP (Black Vinyl)

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Welcome to our online record store, where we're excited to present "Nami Shimada - Curiosity" on Black Vinyl!

Nippon Columbia brings you the reissue of the 1988 classic "Curiosity." This album, known as Nami Shimada's 6th masterpiece, is a captivating blend of city pop and 80s boogie that has stood the test of time. With poems and songs by renowned artists Takashi Matsumoto and Shinji Harada, "Curiosity" is a showcase of the era's musical brilliance.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of "Curiosity." This album features a diverse lineup of songs that capture the essence of city pop and 80s boogie. "Curiosity Girl," written by Shimada under her real name Naoko Shimada, and "HE LOVES HER," composed by Kenichi Kurosawa, are just some of the gems that await you.

At our online record store, we celebrate music that transcends time and genres. "Curiosity" is a standout masterpiece that showcases Nami Shimada's talent and the influence of renowned artists of the era.

Record Label:

Nippon Columbia HMJA-195

Barcode: 4549767188386



A1 Curiosity Girl
A2 独立宣言
A3 見つめているのに
A4 生まれてはじめて
A5 He Loves Her
B1 It's Show Time
B2 No!
B3 London City Night
B4 Another Me
B5 もう一度 見つめたい -Blue Rainy Afternoon-