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Mai Yamane - Tasogare  LP (White Vinyl)

Mai Yamane - Tasogare LP (White Vinyl)

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山根麻衣 たそがれ

Welcome to our internet record store, where we are excited to present "Mai Yamane - Tasogare" on vinyl!

Teichiku Entertainment brings you this exceptional reissue of Mai Yamane's debut album, originally released in 1980. The album features the masterful arrangements of Makoto Matsushita, making it a city pop masterpiece that has stood the test of time.

Immerse yourself in the city pop grooves of "Tasogare," which showcases Mai Yamane's incredible talent as a female singer. Notably, she later played a crucial role in recording and live performances with renowned artists such as Masaharu Fukuyama and Yosui Inoue.

The album features tracks composed by master composers, including "Twilight" by Kintaro Nakamura, who was a guitarist in Joe Yamanaka's back band, and "Get Away" by Tomaru Yoshino of SHOGUN, who collaborated with Makoto Matsushita on AB'S.

Let the captivating melodies of "Tasogare" transport you to a world of urban groove and timeless music. The album includes tracks like "City Drive," written by Yaschinen, known for crafting lyrics for numerous hit artists, including Anri, Momoko Kikuchi, and Kyoko Koizumi.

At our internet record store, we celebrate a diverse selection of music, and "Tasogare" is a standout gem that showcases the brilliance of Mai Yamane's vocals and the artistry of Makoto Matsushita's arrangements.

Record Label:

Teichiku Entertainment TEA11




A1 たそがれ 6:43
A2 ハート・フォー・セール 3:47
A3 Get Away 4:10
A4 インタールード/よれよれボーイ 4:12
B1 シティー・ドライブ 4:27
B2 ウエイヴ 4:40
B3 フーリン・マイセルフ 5:09
B4 光と風と波と 3:42