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Yoshio Suzuki + Tsuyoshi Yamamoto - Loving Touch LP (Black Vinyl)

Yoshio Suzuki + Tsuyoshi Yamamoto - Loving Touch LP (Black Vinyl)

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A highly anticipated analog release of an exceptional collection of standards, beautifully performed by two virtuosos! Experience the enchanting dialogue between two living legends of the Japanese jazz realm. Tsuyoshi Yamamoto's soulful swing and blues effortlessly intertwine with Yoshio Suzuki's robust and captivating groove. Witness the mastery of two artists, each possessing a distinct and captivating sound, as they deliver the epitome of musical excellence.

This album encompasses an array of treasured compositions including "Summertime," "Cleopatra's Dream," "Refreshing as the Morning Sun," and many more cherished gems that have woven themselves into the hearts of jazz aficionados. Naturally, the album features Tsuyoshi Yamamoto's iconic piece "Misty," adding an extra layer of allure to this musical journey. Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance meticulously crafted by these two remarkable musicians, and let their melodies transport you to a world of tranquility.

The fusion of Yoshio Suzuki's deft touch and Tsuyoshi Yamamoto's magnetic performance results in an enchanting symphony of harmonious melodies. This LP is an invitation to bask in the richness of their musical companionship. Experience the magic of their collaboration firsthand and secure your copy of this Black Vinyl LP now.

Record Label:

Days of Delight DODA003

Barcode: 4582530660559



01. The Loving Touch (5 : 49)
02. Softly as in a Morning Sunrise (6 : 17)
03. Blues for Edith (6 : 54)
04. Cleopatra’s Dream (3 : 12)
05. Misty (6 : 51)
06. Summertime (6 : 47)
07. Last Tango in Paris (6 : 25)