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Utada Hikaru - Science Fiction 3xLP (Limited Edition, Black Vinyl)

Utada Hikaru - Science Fiction 3xLP (Limited Edition, Black Vinyl)

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Limited to 1 copies per person

Since her groundbreaking debut with the single "Automatic / time will tell" on December 9, 1998, Hikaru Utada has consistently pushed the boundaries of pop music, blending innovation with mass appeal. Now, for the first time ever, she presents her ultimate collection in analog format, meticulously curated from her illustrious 25-year career.

Featuring 26 tracks carefully handpicked by the artist herself, this all-time best album is a testament to Utada's evolution as an artist. Among them, three tracks have been re-recorded, and 10 have been newly mixed, offering fans a fresh perspective on timeless classics. Additionally, the album includes the captivating singles "What Color is the Flower" and "Electricity," released in 2024.

This album is a celebration of Utada's journey over the past quarter-century, a heartfelt expression of gratitude to her loyal fanbase, and a showcase of her unwavering artistic prowess as she continues to redefine creativity.

  • Limited production edition
  • 180g weight vinyl
  • Special package of 3 single sleeve jackets
  • Special package with single-sleeve jacket, set of three.


Record Label

Universal Music - UPJY9424

Barcode: 4988031633038



1. Addicted To You (Re-Recording)
2. First Love (2022 Mix)
3. 花束を君に
4. One Last Kiss
1. SAKURAドロップス (2024 Mix)
2. あなた
3. Can You Keep A Secret? (2024 Mix)
4. 道

1. Prisoner Of Love (2024 Mix)
2. 光 (Re-Recording)
3. Flavor Of Life -Ballad Version- (2024 Mix)
4. Goodbye Happiness (2024 Mix)
1. traveling (Re-Recording)
2. Beautiful World (2024 Mix)
3. Automatic (2024 Mix)
4. 君に夢中
5. 何色でもない花

1. 初恋
2. Time
3. Letters (2024 Mix)
4. BADモード
5.COLORS (2024 Mix)
1. 二時間だけのバカンス featuring 椎名林檎
2. Gold ~また逢う日まで~
3. Electricity
4. Somewhere Near Marseilles -マルセイユ辺り- (Sci-Fi Edit) (ボーナストラック)