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Ulver - Shadows Of The Sun LP (Clear Vinyl)

Ulver - Shadows Of The Sun LP (Clear Vinyl)

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Introducing the limited edition clear vinyl release of Ulver's hauntingly beautiful album "Shadows of the Sun" - now available exclusively on our internet store.

This mesmerizing album is a captivating exploration of melancholy and beauty, with its ethereal melodies and haunting vocals evoking a sense of otherworldly atmosphere. With its unique blend of electronic, ambient, and neoclassical music, "Shadows of the Sun" has earned a place among Ulver's most beloved works.

This exclusive clear vinyl release offers a truly immersive listening experience, allowing fans to experience the music in a whole new way. The double LP format features carefully curated tracks that flow seamlessly together, creating a fully immersive sonic journey.

With stunning production and breathtaking artwork, "Shadows of the Sun" (Clear Vinyl) is a must-have for fans of Ulver and fans of atmospheric music in general. It is a testament to the band's innovative spirit and their ability to craft deeply moving and evocative music.


Record Label:

House Of Mythology – HOM 014

Barcode: 884388161535



A1 Eos 5:05
A2 All The Love 3:42
A3 Like Music 3:30
A4 Shadows Of The Sun 4:27
B1 Let The Children Go 4:36
B2 Solitude 3:53
B3 Funebre 4:26
B4 What Happened? 6:25