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TOMMYバード - 懷斯波 Wiseau Wave 1  懷斯波2 Wiseau Wave 2 LP (Random Color Vinyl)

TOMMYバード - 懷斯波 Wiseau Wave 1 懷斯波2 Wiseau Wave 2 LP (Random Color Vinyl)

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Tommy Wiseau, (actually Tomasz Wieczorkiewicz) was once acclaimed as the world's worst director. His cult film The Room was often considered so bad that it was even good :) We hope you understand the convention.

However, both Tommy and The Room have received musical tributes in the form of two albums called Wiseauwave I and Wiseauwave II. The music is prepared in the Vaporwave trend and is filled with samples from the cult The Room.

Album is pressed on opaque red vinyl, limited do 200 copies version.



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A1 Red Dress赤いドレス 1:46
A2 Dennyデニー 3:10
A3 Lisaリサ 2:15
A4 Markマーク 2:48
A5 Hi Doggyこんにちは犬 0:27
A6 Oh Hi Mark ハローマーク 1:17
A7 How Is Your Sex Life?性生活 1:36
A8 I Fed Up With This Worldうんざり 1:48
A9 Is He Dead?彼は死んでいる 2:13
A10 Love Each Otherお互いを愛し合う (ft. Costanza) 1:20
B1 Directed By Tommy Wiseau 0:35
B2 A Dozen Red Roses 1:49
B3 Mercedes Cruisin' 1:53
B4 You Drive Me Crazy 2:17
B5 Everything Will Be Fine 1:41
B6 Lover Boy 3:16
B7 Love Of My Life 1:00
B8 Rooftop Party 1:36
B9 Anything For My Princess 2:49
B10 Let's Go Home Denny 0:33

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