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Toki Fuko - Spirit Medicine LP (Black Vinyl)

Toki Fuko - Spirit Medicine LP (Black Vinyl)

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Prepare to be immersed in the sonic voyage brought to you by Toki Fuko, with his latest offering AI-34. Renowned for his profound contributions to the realm of deep and hypnotic techno, Toki Fuko presents a new evolution of his signature sound in the form of "Spirit Medicine," his latest long-form creation on Astral Industries.

"Spirit Medicine" is a captivating odyssey presented in two parts, each exploring a mesmerizing realm of sound. In this ethereal endeavor, Toki Fuko delves into vibrant organic soundscapes and sonic archaeologies that bridge the gap between the cosmic and the human experience.

The journey begins with gentle chimes that pave the way for expansive pads, inviting you into a rich tapestry of sonic exploration. A lush jungle panorama unfolds as solitary flute melodies resonate through the valley, interwoven with drones and earthy rhythms. The auditory landscape takes on an otherworldly quality as voice samples emerge, altering the fabric of reality with exposed layers that come and go, evoking fleeting memories or glimpses into parallel dimensions.

Part Two of this sonic narrative takes on a different atmosphere, replacing fauna and flora with deconstructed, psycho-somatic mysteries. Darker in tone, it weaves broken beats with avant-garde embellishments, accompanied by an underlying existential thread. As you traverse through this wilderness of haunting recollections, their starkness is met with a tranquil return—a form of clarity and reconciliation that unfurls like a peaceful conclusion, offering the listener a sense of catharsis.


Record Label

astral industries  AI-34




A Toki Fuko - Part One

B Toki Fuko - Part Two