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The Pillows FLCL Original Soundtrack  2xLP (Clear Vinyl)

The Pillows FLCL Original Soundtrack 2xLP (Clear Vinyl)

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Limited to 2 copies per person

Anime Limited brings you this exceptional release, pressed on black vinyl and housed in a gatefold jacket with liner notes and lyrics. As a special treat, we also offer an exclusive color variant pressed on clear wax, available only at LITA.

Experience the zany and vibrant world of "FLCL" through its original soundtrack, featuring iconic tracks from the Japanese alternative rock band, The Pillows. This cult-classic anime series, produced by GAINAX (known for Neon Genesis Evangelion and Gunbuster), gained immense popularity among western audiences after its broadcast on the US "Adult Swim" programming block.

The "FLCL" Original Soundtrack captures the essence of the series with its energetic and memorable music. Immerse yourself in the sonic journey of The Pillows' tracks that perfectly complement the wild and unpredictable nature of the anime.

At our internet record store, we celebrate the best in anime soundtracks and diverse musical genres. "FLCL" Original Soundtrack is a standout gem that has left a lasting impact on fans worldwide.

Explore the buying options and secure your limited edition Double LP vinyl or CD copy of this iconic soundtrack. Let the music of "FLCL" transport you to a world of adventure and excitement, guided by the unforgettable sounds of The Pillows.


Record Label:

All The Anime Music – ANIM0006




A1 The Pillows– Last Dinosaur 0:23
A2 The Pillows– Ride On Shooting Star 2:21
A3 The Pillows– Sad Sad Kiddie 2:03
A4 The Pillows– Carnival 1:37
A5 The Pillows– Runners High ~FLCL Ver.~ 1:38
A6 The Pillows– Instant Music 3:16
A7 The Pillows– Stalker 2:35
B1 Shinkichi Mitsumune– Rever's Edge (B-6) 2:49
B2 The Pillows– Stalker Goes To Babylon 4:03
B3 The Pillows– One Life 4:08
B4 Shinkichi Mitsumune– Pain (A-7) 2:42
C1 Shinkichi Mitsumune– Comedian's Gallop 1:38
C2 The Pillows– Hybrid Rainbow 3:58
C3 Shinkichi Mitsumune– Selfish-B (B-5) 2:13
C4 Shinkichi Mitsumune– Pink (A-6) 1:39
C5 The Pillows– Beautiful Morning With You 1:35
C6 The Pillows– Sleepy Head 1:04
D1 The Pillows– Bran-New Lovesong 1:58
D2 The Pillows– Come Down 2:06
D3 The Pillows– Advice ~FLCL Arrange Ver.~ 2:13
D4 The Pillows– Little Busters 3:43