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TANK! Gold COWBOY BEBOP (Original Soundtrack) - Yoko Kano 2xLP (Gold Vinyl)

TANK! Gold COWBOY BEBOP (Original Soundtrack) - Yoko Kano 2xLP (Gold Vinyl)

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Limited to 2 copies per household.


Since its inaugural release in 1998, Cowboy Bebop has etched its name into history, captivating audiences not only with its breathtaking visuals and captivating narrative, but also with its legendary soundtrack. The music woven into this series is a tapestry of boundless creativity, transcending genres and earning resounding acclaim both within Japan and beyond its borders.

Dive into the resonant legacy with "Tank! Gold COWBOY BEBOP." This stunning release boasts the program's signature opening theme, "Tank!," along with an ensemble of the series' most celebrated melodies. Unveiling on a limited edition 2LP set, this release is meticulously pressed on luminous Gold Vinyl, a radiant testament to the brilliance of the series.

As we approach the definitive release, please be aware that the final artwork is still in progress. Stay tuned as we prepare to immerse you in the auditory splendor of Cowboy Bebop's enduring musical saga.

Keep in mind that the cover design at this stage is only a visualization. The final product will look different. 


Record Label

Victor Entertainment VTJL-15

Barcode: 4582575388777



Side A
1. Tank!(Flix Mix) / Seatbelts
2. RUSH / Seatbelts
3. SPOKEY DOKEY / Seatbelts
4. BAD DOG NO BISCUITS / Seatbelts
5. COSMOS / Seatbelts
6. ROAD TO THE WEST / Seatbelts
Side B
1. TOO GOOD TOO BAD / Seatbelts
2. PIANO BLACK / Seatbelts
3. Don't bother none / Mai Yamane
5. SPACE LION / Seatbelts

Side C
1. CAR 24 / Seatbelts
2. The EGG and I / Seatbelts
3. WALTZ for ZIZI / Seatbelts
4. RAIN / Steve Conte
5. Green Bird / Gabriela Robin
6. AVE MARIA / Jerzy Knetig
Side D
1. WHAT PLANET IS THIS. / Seatbelts
2. FLYING TEAPOT / Emily Bindiger
3. A day in the Bebop / Seatbelts
4. FELT TIP PEN / Seatbelts
5. Funky Stuff / Seatbelts
6. CAT BLUES / Seatbelts
7. DIGGING MY POTATO / Seatbelts