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System Olympia - New Erotica Collection (Durante Version) LP (Black Vinyl)

System Olympia - New Erotica Collection (Durante Version) LP (Black Vinyl)

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Limited to 2 copies per person 

Welcome to the sonic universe of System Olympia! Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beats and electrifying rhythms of the "New Erotica Collection (Durante Version)" now available on classic black vinyl. This LP is not just an album; it's a journey into the cutting-edge sounds crafted by the visionary artist, System Olympia.

  1. Durante Version: This edition features the unique touch of Durante, adding a layer of complexity and innovation to System Olympia's original work. It's a reinterpretation that breathes new life into every note and beat.

  2. Black Vinyl: The LP is pressed on high-quality black vinyl, ensuring an optimal audio experience. Feel the richness of each track as it spins on your turntable, delivering the full depth and warmth of System Olympia's sound.

  3. Sonic Exploration: System Olympia is known for pushing the boundaries of electronic music. "New Erotica Collection" is a sonic journey that transcends genres, blending elements of electronic, dance, and ambient music. It's an exploration of sound that captivates from the first track to the last.

  4. Collectible Item: This LP isn't just an auditory delight; it's also a collectible item for enthusiasts of cutting-edge music. The sleek black vinyl housed in a thoughtfully designed cover adds a touch of sophistication to your collection.

Record Label:

Okay Nature Records - OKNR05




1 System Olympia - Lamb
2 System Olympia - Close To My Nebula
3 System Olympia - Call Girl
4 System Olympia - Mystified
5 System Olympia - Falling In Love
6 System Olympia - My Lincoln
7 System Olympia - Jade Stones
8 System Olympia - Night Rise
9 System Olympia - Scandalous