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Soichi Terada - Asakusa Light 2xLP  (black vinyl)

Soichi Terada - Asakusa Light 2xLP (black vinyl)

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New album by Japanese deep house pioneer Soichi Terada. Pressed on duble black vinyl. The album should certainly appeal to fans of Video Game music. Terada, who has spent twenty years composing music for video games, has always had a gift for combining warm, wavering synth bass lines and perfectly programmed beats with flowing melodies.  It is this engaging, sunlit and melodic style that takes center stage on Asakusa Light, an album for its time, brilliantly blending trends with Terada's style. 



Record Label

Rush Hour - RHM 041

Barcode:  3 481575 491375



A1 Soichi Terada– Silent Chord 4:50
A2 Soichi Terada– Double Spire 4:29
A3 Soichi Terada– Bamboo Fighter 4:37
B1 Soichi Terada– Diving Into Minds 4:33
B2 Soichi Terada– Marimbau 3:46
B3 Soichi Terada– Takusambient 4:23
C1 Soichi Terada– Soaking Dry 4:38
C2 Soichi Terada– From Dusk 4:38
D1 Soichi Terada & Manabu Nagayama– Runners 4:42
D2 Soichi Terada– Blinker 4:07
D3 Soichi Terada– Epoxy Lamp 3:44