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Silent Hill - Original Video Game Soundtrack 2xLP (Eco Random Color Vinyl)

Silent Hill - Original Video Game Soundtrack 2xLP (Eco Random Color Vinyl)

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Limited to 2 copies per person.

Welcome to our internet record store, where we are thrilled to present the haunting and iconic "Silent Hill" (Original Video Game Soundtrack) by Konami Digital Entertainment on premiere Vinyl LP.

Mondo is proud to bring you this chilling soundtrack, pressed on 140 Gram Eco Vinyl and manufactured in the Czech Republic with meticulous attention to detail. The hair-raising and pulse-pounding industrial cues of "Silent Hill" will transport you to the eerie world of survival horror gaming.

Don't be fooled by the plucky mandolin-driven opening track, as this soundtrack is truly the stuff of nightmares. As you listen, you'll be immersed in the atmospheric and haunting sounds that have made "Silent Hill" a legendary video game title.

Whether you're a devoted fan of the game or a collector of unique and captivating soundtracks, this premiere Vinyl release is a must-have addition to your collection. Experience the eerie legacy of "Silent Hill" and let the music envelop you in a world of suspense and fear.

At our internet record store, we celebrate the best in video game soundtracks and diverse musical genres. "Silent Hill" (Original Video Game Soundtrack) by Konami Digital Entertainment is a standout gem, capturing the essence of the game's terrifying atmosphere.



Record Label

Mondo - MOND-098




A1 Silent Hill 2:51
A2 All 2:08
A3 The Wait 0:09
A4 Until Death 0:52
A5 Over 2:04
A6 Devil's Lyric 1:27
A7 Rising Sun 0:57
A8 For All 2:40
A9 Follow The Leader 0:53
A10 Claw Finger 1:33
B1 Hear Nothing 1:33
B2 Children Kill 0:19
B3 Killed By Death 1:25
B4 Don't Cry 1:29
B5 The Bitter Season 1:26
B6 Moonchild 2:49
B7 Never Again 0:45
B8 Fear Of The Dark 1:14
B9 Half Day 0:39
B10 Heaven Give Me Say 1:48
B11 Far 1:15
C1 I'll Kill You 2:53
C2 My Justice For You 1:21
C3 Devil's Lyric 2 0:25
C4 Dead End 0:18
C5 Ain't Gonna Rain 1:12
C6 Nothing Else 0:51
C7 Alive 0:33
C8 Never Again 1:02
C9 Die 0:56
C10 Never End, Never End, Never End 0:47
C11 Down Time 1:38
C12 Kill Angels 1:17
C13 Only You 1:17
C14 Not Tomorrow 1 0:48
C15 Not Tomorrow 2 1:39
C16 My Heaven 3:18
D1 Tears Of... 3:16
D2 Killing Time 2:54
D3 She 2:35
D4 Silent Hill (Otherside) 6:23