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Serani Poji - One-Room Survival LP (Black Vinyl)

Serani Poji - One-Room Survival LP (Black Vinyl)

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Serani Poji, the virtual composer renowned for creating game music within Sega's Dreamcast title "ROOMMANIA #203," emerged as a fictional artist preceding the game's launch with their CD debut, "manamoon," in October 1999. The moniker of this unit is ingeniously derived from the name of an imaginary girl.

One-Room Survival: Serani Poji's second album, masterfully produced by Yukihiro Fukutomi, presents a vibrant and adorable collection that seamlessly weaves through various sound coatings like lounge, house, bossa, and techno.

Co-Produced by Tomoko Sasaki (Side A #1-4, Side B #1-4) Vocals by Yumi Higashino

In recent times, Serani Poji's compositions have garnered international attention on platforms like YouTube and social media. Notably, on December 13th, a distribution-only single featuring the 1.2x speed rendition of the fourth track "Pipopipo," titled "pipo pipo (Sped Up Version)," was released, solidifying their continued presence in the digital music landscape.



Record Label

Barcode: 4988007307413




01. One-Room Survival
02. Rabbit Panic
03. Where Is Smiley?
04. Pipo Pipo
05. Happy End Is Coming
06. Lovelabor
07. A Fishman's Story
08. Mune-Aki
09. Mi Nie We Bon
10. Spiral Da-Hi! (P.R.R. Mix)