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Satoshi Suzuki - Distant Travel Companion LP (Black Vinyl)

Satoshi Suzuki - Distant Travel Companion LP (Black Vinyl)

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Rediscover the allure of City Pop through a unique lens! A remarkable archival release featuring Satoshi Suzuki's original compositions from the 80s and 90s, remastered and curated for the first time Previously unreleased 90s CD tracks harmonize with carefully selected gems from Suzuki's privately pressed 1980s LPs - initially limited to just 100 self-distributed copies! Accompanied by OBI strip and meticulously crafted liner notes by the artist himself Design pays homage to the aesthetic of Suzuki's original 1980s private press LP releases

Satoshi Suzuki's (鈴木慧) sentiments echo poignantly on the OBI strip of his 1987 privately pressed LP - Tokyo Contemporary! A fusion comprising 40% Jazz, 30% Soul, 20% Brazil, and 10% Kayokyoku, akin to the signature blend now recognized as City Pop.

Yet, this archival compilation of Satoshi Suzuki's oeuvre introduces an uncommon facet of the City Pop soundscape. Unlike the opulence of Japan's 1980s bubble economy studios and renowned session musicians, these melodies emanate from a solo artist who maximized instruments in a home studio. Influenced by musical traditions spanning the globe, Suzuki embarked on a creative journey.

His compositions, resonating with elements of city pop, AOR, jazz, soul, bossa, and kayōkyoku, exude charm and wittiness. Crafted with digital synthesizers and a drum machine, these tracks showcase a unique perspective. Think Pacific Breeze meets a Casio keyboard, Uku Kuut crafting SEGA game soundtracks, or the lo-fi genius of contemporaries like Ronald Langestraat, Lewis, and Joe Tossini. Yet, Suzuki's work introduces a fresh outlook on Showa period bubble-era city pop.

Record Label:

Incidental Music INC-005

Barcode: 2299991289533



01. The Loving Touch (5 : 49)
02. Softly as in a Morning Sunrise (6 : 17)
03. Blues for Edith (6 : 54)
04. Cleopatra’s Dream (3 : 12)
05. Misty (6 : 51)
06. Summertime (6 : 47)
07. Last Tango in Paris (6 : 25)