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Roisin Murphy - Hit Parade 2xLP (Purple Deluxe Vinyl)

Roisin Murphy - Hit Parade 2xLP (Purple Deluxe Vinyl)

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Róisín Murphy reveals her upcoming album "Hit Parade," set for release on September 8 through Ninja Tune. The single "The Universe" is already available for a sneak listen.

"Hit Parade" stands as Róisín Murphy's pinnacle achievement, encapsulating her dynamic journey from her Moloko days to her forays into futuristic pop on her solo albums. DJ Koze, a luminary producer in electronic music, lent his prowess to Murphy's creative process for this release.

Murphy and Koze collaborated from afar, exchanging ideas and tracks over the span of years, their virtual studio spanning the gap between Hamburg and London. This separation allowed Murphy a more intimate songwriting approach, yielding an album filled with her personal revelations. Koze's dedicated focus in the absence of physical presence resulted in vibrant, explosive music, as Murphy attests.

"The Universe," the latest single, carries an almost oceanic ambiance, inviting listeners further into the lush, pulsating universe of "Hit Parade." This track follows the stellar lead single "CooCool" and the limited 12-track vinyl "Can't Replicate." "The Universe" enchants with its soothing guitar melodies and electric piano tones, as Murphy's distinct vocals infuse an aura of joyous psychedelia. Within "Hit Parade," Murphy and DJ Koze craft a realm of euphoric melodies and harmonies.


Record Label

Ninja Tune  ZEN290DX




A1. What Not To Do
A2. CooCool
A3. The Universe
A4. Milf Funk (BONUS TRACK)
B1. Hurtz So Bad
B2. The House
B3. Fader
B4. Free Will
C1. You Knew
C2. Can't Replicate
D1. Crazy Ants Reprise
D2. Two Ways
D3. Eureka