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Richard Band - Re-Animator Soundtrack LP (Green  Yellow Hand Poured Vinyl)

Richard Band - Re-Animator Soundtrack LP (Green Yellow Hand Poured Vinyl)

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Limited to 2 copies per person

Experience the bone-chilling horror of H.P. Lovecraft's "Re-Animator" like never before with the 10th Anniversary release of the original motion picture score by Richard Band, brought to you by Waxwork Records.

As the album that launched Waxwork Records in 2013, this deluxe re-pressing is a celebration of the cult-classic horror film and a testament to its enduring legacy. Richard Band's haunting and atmospheric compositions set the tone for the 1985 film, and now, with completely new mastering and plating from the original master tapes, the music of "Re-Animator" has never sounded more captivating.

Immerse yourself in the world of mad science and reanimation with the specially crafted 180 gram "Re-Agent" Swirl colored vinyl, a stunning blend of green and yellow that perfectly captures the macabre essence of the film. The new gatefold packaging features additional artwork by the renowned Ghoulish Gary Pullin, adding an extra layer of visual intrigue to this collector's item.

Inside, you'll discover exclusive liner notes written by director Stuart Gordon and composer Richard Band, offering unique insights into the creation of the film's score. Unveil the behind-the-scenes magic with a collection of captivating photos from the film set and score recording session, immersing you in the world of "Re-Animator" like never before.

This 10th anniversary edition of the "Re-Animator" soundtrack also includes a striking 11x17 poster and a printed inner sleeve, completing the package and providing an all-encompassing experience for fans and collectors alike.

Record Label:

Waxwork WW001-GREEN




Prologue / Main Title
Cat Dead, Details Later; The Cellar
The Cat Experiment; Searching For Bodies In The Morgue
Waiting For A Reaction; First Corpse Re-Animated
Halsey's Back
Halsey Re-Animated
The Lab
Meg and Dr. Hill
Parts, Whole Parts
Halsey Lobotomized
Body and Soul
Halsey Grabs Meg
Corpses Run Amok
Meg Re-Animated; End Title