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Re:Life in a Different World From Zero (Original Soundtrack) 2xLP (Black Vinyl)

Re:Life in a Different World From Zero (Original Soundtrack) 2xLP (Black Vinyl)

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Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the anime series Re:Zero with the captivating sounds of its original soundtrack, now available on black double vinyl. Delve into the emotional journey of the characters and relive the memorable moments through the resonating notes of this exceptional soundtrack.

Anime Limited proudly presents the Re:Life in a Different World From Zero (Original Soundtrack) on vinyl, a collector's dream come true. This 2 LP release is a testament to the rich musical tapestry that accompanies the series, capturing its essence and magic in every melody.

Encased within a beautiful gatefold packaging, this vinyl release offers not only an auditory delight but also a visual spectacle. As you explore the intricate details of the artwork and design, you'll find yourself transported back to the captivating world of Re:Zero.

To enhance the allure of this release, a previously unreleased artprint is included, making this collection truly unique. The artprint serves as a memento of your journey through the series, a tangible reminder of the emotions and adventures it brought forth.



Record Label:

Anime Limited ANIM0066





1. Rondo of Love and Darkness (Main Theme) 03:49
2. Takt of Heroes (Origin) 02:53
3. Hymn of Despair and Atonement 03:11
4. Dragon Kingdom Lugnica 02:43
5. Another World March 01:59

1. Memories of Time and Sky 01:39
2. Promenade of Flute and Creation 02:06
3. Re:verse 02:32
4. Heartbeat of Determination 02:05
5. Fantasy Lied 03:41
6. Echt of Sorrow 03:51

1. Chains of Memories 03:31
2. Roar of Malice 02:56
3. Sloth 02:05
4. Call of the Witch 02:46
5. Activation of Fate 02:23

1. Requiem of Silence 07:03
2. Death Ballet 02:47
3. Waltz of Rage 02:11
5. Overture to the Final Battle 03:01
6. Wish of the Stars 03:32