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Phil Tippetts Mad God: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2xLP  (Splatter Vinyl)

Phil Tippetts Mad God: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2xLP (Splatter Vinyl)

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Excitement abounds as Waxwork Records proudly presents the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for Phil Tippett's MAD GOD, composed by Dan Wool.

MAD GOD, a groundbreaking stop-motion live-action hybrid horror film, is the brainchild of Phil Tippett, who serves as the writer, producer, and director. The narrative unfolds as The Assassin, an enigmatic figure clad in a jacket and gas mask, descends into a nightmarish, post-apocalyptic realm. Armed with a map of the world and a suitcase housing a bomb, The Assassin's mission is to trigger the explosive behind enemy lines within the desolate landscape.

Renowned visual effects virtuoso Phil Tippet, celebrated for his work on iconic projects like Jurassic Park, Star Wars, RoboCop, and Indiana Jones, collaborated with a dedicated team of filmmakers over three decades to craft this genre-defying masterpiece. MAD GOD transcends traditional categorization, compelling each viewer to extract their own interpretation from this artistic creation. It stands as a testament to the relentless pursuit of creativity that persisted even after the project was deemed "finished," evolving into a formidable cinematic entity born from the passionate and visionary minds behind its creation.

Dan Wool entered the scene in 2009 to compose the score for MAD GOD. Faced with the absence of audio or dialogue due to the nature of the animation, Wool drew inspiration solely from the emotional impact of the visuals. This unique approach established an extraordinary connection between composer and viewer, adding a layer of vulnerability and a nuanced perspective to the characters. While the score has moments of terror, it also weaves threads of hope, delving into a realm of dark fantasy that elevates MAD GOD beyond the confines of a typical horror movie.



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Barcode: 657768107146



1 Long Way Down
2 Shitwork
3 Caught
4 Headhole
5 War Tourist
6 Conveyance
7 Maggots
8 Alchemy
9 Oroboran
10 Clock Out
11 Woken