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Persona 4 Golden (Original Soundtrack) LP (Color Vinyl)

Persona 4 Golden (Original Soundtrack) LP (Color Vinyl)

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Persona 4 Golden represents a wealth of improvements and enhancements to the fourth installment in Atlus' flagship RPG series. With the addition of new characters, Social Links, a fresh dungeon, and more, this enhanced edition stands out for its unparalleled sense of style. P4G truly lives up to its "golden" moniker, radiating a distinctive aesthetic brilliance.

Enter iam8bit's endeavor to encapsulate some of that radiant magic in the form of vinyl. Presenting the Persona 4 Golden vinyl soundtrack, this LP is a treasure trove of handpicked favorite tracks from P4G by the Atlus Sound Team. From the captivating new intro song, Shadow World, to the dynamic battle theme, Time to Make History, each spin of this LP is a nostalgic journey back into the realm behind the TV.

Of course, a Persona x iam8bit collaboration wouldn't be complete without the artistic touch of Drew Wise. The unique "Midnight Channel"-inspired die-cut jacket adds a layer of visual flair, allowing you to display the record in various ways. A perfect companion to our Persona 4 (4xLP), it's time to infuse a touch of golden elegance into your record collection.

  • Pressed on Colored Vinyl - Colorway TBD



Record Label:

IAM8BIT 8BIT-8215-2

Barcode: 850047432797



[Side A]
Shadow World
Time To Make History
Let's Hit the Beach!
Everyday Sunshine
True Story
Midnight Trivia Miracle Quiz
A Sky Full Of Stars

[Side B]
New Year's Shrine Visit with Everyone
Operation Steamy Vacation
Girl of the Hollow Forest
Never More -Welcome Home-
SNOWFLAKES -powder snow mix-
Revelations: Mitsuo