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Onra - Nosthaigia. LP (Black Vinyl)

Onra - Nosthaigia. LP (Black Vinyl)

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"Nosthaigia" by Onra is a deeply personal and nostalgic album created from Thai songs sourced on 7-inch records. During his years in Thailand, Onra immersed himself in local culture and collected rare gems. Produced on the MPC1000 in 2017 and revisited in 2020, the album reflects his journey through life’s ups and downs, offering solace and inspiration.

Each track is a time capsule of longing and introspection, crafted with Onra’s vintage production skills, infusing warmth and depth. From the haunting "Until The End" to the hypnotic "Close Your Eyes And Remember," every moment is poignant.

Onra's decision to exclude flashy beats emphasizes authenticity and raw emotion. "Nosthaigia" is a testament to the power of music to heal and connect, reminding us of the beauty in our darkest moments.

The double LP set features 32 tracks that weave together a tapestry of sounds, melodies, and textures. Each track is meticulously crafted, blending dusty samples, lush instrumentation, and infectious rhythms to create a truly unique listening experience. From the infectious grooves of "The Anthem" to the dreamy melodies of "Opium Delirium," Chinoiseries captures the essence of nostalgia while pushing the boundaries of contemporary music.

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1- Bkk Blues
2 Until The End
3 Hand In Hand
4 Moment #1
5 Close Your Eyes and Remember
6 The Man Who Owed The Money
7 Moment #2
8 Memories (one for G)
9 Purple Flowers
10 Moment #3
11 Chocolate Thai
12 In the Mist
13 Under The Frangipani Tree
14 Moment #4
15 One More Time
16 How It's Supposed To Be
17 Moment #5
18 Masquerade
19 The Cost
20 You Know
21 Moment #6
22 Old Photos
23 Eternally Grateful