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Onra - Chinoiseries 2xLP (Black Vinyl)

Onra - Chinoiseries 2xLP (Black Vinyl)

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Introducing Onra - Chinoiseries 2xLP, now available in a classic Black Vinyl edition. Immerse yourself in a sonic exploration of East-meets-West as acclaimed producer Onra takes you on a captivating musical journey inspired by vintage Asian records and cultural influences.

Chinoiseries is a groundbreaking album that seamlessly blends traditional Asian melodies, vintage vinyl samples, and modern hip-hop beats. With the release of this 2xLP edition, you can now experience the full depth and richness of Onra's visionary production in an enhanced vinyl format.

The double LP set features 32 tracks that weave together a tapestry of sounds, melodies, and textures. Each track is meticulously crafted, blending dusty samples, lush instrumentation, and infectious rhythms to create a truly unique listening experience. From the infectious grooves of "The Anthem" to the dreamy melodies of "Opium Delirium," Chinoiseries captures the essence of nostalgia while pushing the boundaries of contemporary music.

Record Label:

All City Dublin ACOLP1




A1 Introduction 1:04
A2 The Anthem 1:49
A3 Chop Your Hands 2:04
A4 Relax In Mui Ne 2:14
A5 Naughty Hottie (Interlude) 0:39
A6 Eat Dog 1:13
A7 Last Tango In Saigon 1:31
A8 Apocalypse Now 1:16
B1 I Wanna Go Back 3:13
B2 Full Backpack 1:10
B3 War 0:58
B4 Lesson With The Master 0:50
B5 Dark Sea 1:50
B6 Phuoc Dat (Interlude) 0:53
B7 Boundless Boundaries 2:14
B8 What Up Duyet? 1:29
C1 Welcome To Viet Nam 0:37
C1 Here Comes The Flutes 2:11
C3 The Vallee Of Love 2:07
C4 Smoking Buddha 2:03
C5 Clap Clap 2:17
C6 Bounce (Interlude) 0:40
C7 Live From Hue 1:08
C8 Where's My Longan? 1:38
D1 Take A Ride 2:01
D2 Raw 1:42
D3 The Ritual 1:22
D4 Cymbal Oelek 0:50
D5 The Third Sword (Interlude) 0:37
D6 One Day 1:24
D7 They Got Breaks Too 1:52
D8 Hope 1:33