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One Piece: Stampede (Original Soundtrack) LP (Purple Vinyl)

One Piece: Stampede (Original Soundtrack) LP (Purple Vinyl)

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Responsible for both the composition and arrangement of this album is the talented Kohei Tanaka.

One Piece, a captivating Japanese manga penned and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, unfolds the tale of Monkey D. Luffy. Gifted with an elastic body after consuming a Devil Fruit, Luffy sets forth on a quest to become the Pirate King and uncover the fabled One Piece, a hidden treasure located on the mysterious Raftel Island.

With Kohei Tanaka at the helm of the album's composition and arrangement, this musical journey perfectly complements the adventurous spirit and excitement of the One Piece narrative.

Record Label:


Barcode: 3309450046079



Side A
Kaizoku Banpaku no Theme 02:52
Kaizoku Banpaku Kaimaku! 01:43
We Are! ~STAMPEDE Ver.~ 01:34
Saiaku no Sedai ~Rookie Toujou~ 01:59
Luffy Ketsudan! 02:11
Yurusenai Yatsu to wa, Tatakae! 〜STAMPEDE Ver. 〜 00:55
Bullet Toujou _Shizuka na Kyoufu 02:43
Futashika na Fuon 01:31
Zoro VS Fujitora 00:26
Honki no Usopp 00:47
Memories 〜STAMPEDE Ver.〜 01:40
Saishuu Sensou no Jokyoku 〜 Kaigun no Kakugo 〜 02:14

Side B
Tachiagaru Luffy 02:38
Kyoutou Kaishi 01:05
Sentou Kaishi ~Kyoutou 1~ 05:59
Tayoreru Otoko Luffy ~Kyoutou 2~ 03:51
We Go! ~STAMPEDE Ver.~ 03:16