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One Piece: Land of Wano (Original Soundtrack) LP (Marble Vinyl)

One Piece: Land of Wano (Original Soundtrack) LP (Marble Vinyl)

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One Piece's Ultimate Arc Now on Vinyl

Join Luffy and his crew as they prepare for an epic showdown with Kaido. This thrilling adventure set in a medieval Japanese backdrop reunites fans with Zoro, Robin, Franky, and the rest of the crew. The vinyl release features the stunning BGMs of Kohei Tanaka, the renowned composer of the entire One Piece series.

Tanaka skillfully blends traditional Japanese songs with grand orchestral arrangements, capturing the epic and terrifying essence of this pivotal arc. His music enhances the narrative, bringing to life one of the greatest battles in One Piece history.

Known for his work on Assassination Classroom and the Sakura Wars video game series, Kohei Tanaka's compositions are a must-have for any fan. This vinyl release is a tribute to his enduring legacy and the unforgettable journey of the Straw Hat Pirates.



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Barcode: 3701627800727



A1. Wano Country – 3:39 Opening Curtains, Closing Curtains Theme
A2. Ebisu Town's Theme 2:26
A3. Onigashima's Theme 2:18
A4. Kaidou's Theme 2:23 ~Dragon Transformation~
A5. Orochi Castle in Flames 1:47
A6. Fun Daily Life 2:02 ~Wano Country Arc~
A7. Eustass Kid's Theme 1:59
A8. Luffy ~Awakening~ 2.02
A9. Awakened Luffy's Performance 1:37

B1. Headliners Appear 2:18 (Through Trap Door) ~Strolling (Pursuit)
B2. Luffy's Complete Defeat and 2:19 Unbreakable Heart
B3. Kaidou of the Beasts and Straw Hat 2:03 Luffy ~Confrontation~
B4. Kozuki Family's Theme ~Downfall~ 2:08
B5. Oden's Theme ~Wano Country Tour~ 1:55
B6. Kurozumi Orochi's Theme 2:08
B7. Oden's Public Execution 1:31
B8. Kozuki Oden's Feelings – 1:50 Open the Borders of Wano Country
B9. Depart! Nine Red Scabbards 2:50
B10. All Hands on Deck, Now to Onigashima 2:03
B11. Kyoshiro Joins the Fight! New Comrade 1:54