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Noriko Miyamoto,  Isao Suzuki - Push 2xLP (Vinyl Record)

Noriko Miyamoto, Isao Suzuki - Push 2xLP (Vinyl Record)

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A soul-jazz-funk masterpiece of Noriko Miyamoto's incredible voice with jazz genius Isao Suzuki. The album is released for the first time in years on vinyl by BBE Music in the latest J Jazz Masterclass Series reissue,

For the first time, this critically acclaimed series that delves deep into the history of Japanese Jazz will be releasing an album by a Japanese female singer, Noriko Miyamoto produced by one of the legendary figures in Japanese Jazz, Isao Suzuki.
The release of her incredible debut album, ‘Push’, coincided with a surge in popularity for local female jazz singers such Kimiko Kasai, Yasuko Agawa, etc. that crossed over into the pop market. It was originally released by the nowdefunct label, Yupiteru Records in 1978. Since then, it has been reissued a few times in Japan but recently, along with a surge of worldwide interest in old Japanese music, ‘Push’ has been gaining a cult status among foreign music heads, with the price for an original pressing skyrocketing in the second hand record market.


Record Label:

bbe - BBE695CLP




1. Monologue
2. Stella by Starlight (Instrumental)
3. Push
4. My Life
5. Everything I Have Is Yours
6. Cadillac Woman