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No Game No Life (Best Collection) LP (Black Vinyl)

No Game No Life (Best Collection) LP (Black Vinyl)

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Embark on an epic musical journey through the enchanting realms of "No Game No Life" with the captivating "Best Collection" soundtrack, now available on black vinyl from Microids Records.

Immerse yourself in the year 2138, where the renowned MMORPG Yggdrasil is on the verge of its closure. As the game's final moments approach, Momonga, a formidable level 100 undead necromancer and the leader of the powerful guild "Ainz Ooal Gown," awaits the impending shutdown. However, to his surprise, when the game concludes, Momonga finds himself trapped within the game world, alongside non-playable characters who have gained consciousness. Now, as a prisoner in this unfamiliar realm, our malevolent lord must seek a new purpose for his existence and embark on a quest to conquer this new universe, leaving an indelible mark upon it.

Composed and arranged by the exceptionally talented Shuji Katayama, a member of the esteemed group Team-MAX, the "No Game No Life: Best Collection" features all the captivating music from the series, spanning across four seasons. Katayama's musical genius brings the fantastical world of "No Game No Life" to life, capturing its essence and enhancing every moment of adventure, suspense, and triumph. His notable contributions also extend to other notable compositions for Boruto and the film Naruto The Last, showcasing his versatility and talent as a composer and arranger.

Record Label:

Microids Records DV12778

Barcode: 3701627800109



A1. Overture 01:42
A2. Oración 04:38
A3. Yes,my master my lord 04:50
A4. Onegai ☆ Snyaiper 03:28
A5. Light of Hope 03:41

B1. ONESELF 04:19
B2. Oración (Cover) 04:36
B3. This game 04:45