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No Game No Life 0 (Original Soundtrack) LP (Purple Vinyl)

No Game No Life 0 (Original Soundtrack) LP (Purple Vinyl)

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Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of "No Game No Life: Zero" with the mesmerizing original soundtrack, now available on purple vinyl from Microids Records.

Step into the ancient Disboard, a realm where the rules of the game have yet to be established. War ravages the land, tearing apart the heavens, shattering the stars, and even posing a threat to humanity. Amidst this chaos, a young man named Riku emerges as a beacon of hope, determined to lead humanity towards a brighter future. It is during his journey that he encounters Schwi, an "ex-machina" android longing to understand the essence of human hearts. Together, their meeting will forever change the course of history.

The music for "No Game No Life: Zero" is composed by the talented Yoshiaki Fujisawa, renowned for his exceptional arrangements and compositions. As a member of the group Franz Maxwell I, Fujisawa has contributed his musical prowess to various anime projects such as LoveLive!, Issekai Cheat Magician, and GATE.

Through his captivating melodies, Fujisawa effortlessly transports listeners into the immersive universe of this "Issekai" tale, evoking a range of emotions that resonate with the meeting of two entirely different beings. His masterful compositions capture the essence of this extraordinary story, taking you on a musical journey filled with wonder, excitement, and heartfelt moments.

Record Label:

Microids Records DV12779

Barcode: 3701627800086



A01. Prologue -Determination- 02:30
A02. Let's Play A Game God  01:12
A03. If, I Win 01:12
A04. A Cruel Question 01:22
A05. Fallen Confession 01:37
A06. Oh!!! 00:55
A07. A Sign Of The Great War 01:06
A08. Now, Let The Games Begin 05:21
A09. Please Let Me Stay With You Forever 03:56

B01. The True Target 02:31
B02. Good Evening, Scrap 04:33
B03. Really, I Love You 04:24
B04. Stale Mate -Final Battle- 04:05
B05. Let's Play Again ~The Light Of A New World 03:55