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Naruto (Best Collection) LP (Black Vinyl)

Naruto (Best Collection) LP (Black Vinyl)

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Experience the power and emotion of the Naruto universe with the remarkable "Naruto: Best Collection" on black vinyl. This collection, brought to you by Microids Records, showcases a selection of the main soundtracks from one of the most renowned anime series worldwide.

Immerse yourself in the world of Konoha, where the young and resilient Naruto resides. Despite being shunned and feared by the villagers due to the Kyuubi, a fearsome nine-tailed fox demon sealed within him, Naruto embarks on a journey to prove his worth and protect those he holds dear.

This vinyl compilation features music from various Naruto soundtracks, capturing the essence of the series and its beloved characters. From heart-pounding battle themes to touching melodies, the diverse range of tracks evokes the emotional depth and thrilling adventures that have captivated fans for years.

Included in this collection is the iconic opening theme "Haruka Kanata," which sets the tone for Naruto's epic journey and has become an anthem for fans worldwide. Let the uplifting and energetic melodies transport you to the vibrant and dynamic world of Naruto.

Record Label:

Microids Records DV12782

Barcode: 3701627800055



A1. Haruka Kanata 4:03
A2. Kanashimi wo Yasashisa ni 4:02
A3. GO!!! 3:59
A5. No Boy No Cry 3:33

B1. wind 3:41
B2. Viva Rock ~japanese side~ 4:07
B3. ALIVE 4:45
B4. Mountain A Go Go Two 4:16
B5. Nakushita Kotoba 4:48