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Miki Matsubara - Paradise Beach LP (Clear Purple Vinyl)

Miki Matsubara - Paradise Beach LP (Clear Purple Vinyl)

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Transport yourself to a sun-kissed oasis with Miki Matsubara's delightful album, "Paradise Beach." Originally released in 1983 on See Saw Records, this album showcases Matsubara's remarkable talent and features a stellar lineup of producers.

The opening track on the A-side, "Paradise Beach (Sophie's Theme)," sets the tone for this enchanting musical journey. Produced by the renowned Takashi Matsumoto and Haruomi Hosono, the song captures the essence of a tropical paradise, immersing listeners in a world of serenity and beauty.

This special edition vinyl release of "Paradise Beach" is pressed on clear purple vinyl, adding a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the album. The translucent hue enhances the overall experience, making it visually captivating as well.

Alongside the mesmerizing title track, "Paradise Beach" also includes five other single cuts, each with its own distinct charm. From the iconic "Midnight Door - stay with me," which has become synonymous with city pop, to the catchy "Neat 3:00 PM," featured in a Shiseido commercial, and the Latin-infused "Halation," composed by Miki Matsubara herself, this album showcases a range of musical styles that will captivate and delight listeners.

Experience the magic of Miki Matsubara's "Paradise Beach" as you immerse yourself in the melodic beauty, expert production, and captivating vocals that define the city pop genre. Let the tropical rhythms and serene atmosphere transport you to a dreamy getaway, and rediscover the timeless allure of Matsubara's musical legacy.

Record Label

Toyokasei PCJA-00116

Barcode: 4524135009944


Paradise Beach(ソフィーのテーマ)
Bay City Romance
真夜中のドア~stay with me
Jazzy Night