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Mariko Katsuragi - Seaside Highway  LP (Black Vinyl)

Mariko Katsuragi - Seaside Highway LP (Black Vinyl)

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The 1980s marked a golden decade for Japan, with unprecedented prosperity and growing worldwide fame in broadcast, gaming, and synthesizers. Local sensibilities blended with jazz-funk and Latin influences to create new genre splashes such as technopop, Pacifica, and AOR/City pop. This genre was characterized by sugary US West Coast sparkle, opulent arrangements, and cover designs, along with naive lyrics that transported millions of listeners on cosmic journeys to Japan and its connections with Asia.

In 1982-1986, a group of young in-house studio players, spearheaded by up-and-coming associate producer and arranger HASEGAWA Joe and keyboardist KATSURAGI Mariko, gathered for ad hoc recording sessions. Their goal was to produce a hit album concept that would take listeners on a musical journey from Japan to Asia and beyond.

Just before wrapping a handful of test-pressings for studio and radio executives and a few tapes of demo recordings, the sessions came to an abrupt halt in 1986 due to a personal loss. The band disbanded, and its members embarked on their own careers, and the original tapes were archived and lost in the Akihabara district for decades.

That was until producer Sten SALUVEER, also known as MILDHANS, a Japanese pop culture connoisseur extraordinaire, discovered a rare demo of the original recordings in one of Tokyo's revered vinyl bars in the Ebisu district. After an extended period of digging and tracing for the original tapes, the lush soundscapes of KATSURAGI Mariko and HASEGAWA Joe are finally available for listeners to embark on a jazzy journey to the City Heights of Asia.


Record Label:

Memme Vaev MMV001

Barcode: 826853003841



A1 Dancing Tonight
A2 Seaside Highway
B1 Game Sentaa
B2 Game Sentaa (JT's On Acid Mix)