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Marco Beltrami - Renfield Original Motion Picture Soundtrack  2xLP (Splatter Vinyl)

Marco Beltrami - Renfield Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2xLP (Splatter Vinyl)

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Introducing the mesmerizing original motion picture soundtrack for "Renfield" composed by the acclaimed Marco Beltrami, available now on a stunning 2-LP splatter vinyl edition!

Immerse yourself in the haunting and atmospheric score of "Renfield", the highly anticipated film that delves into the mysterious origins of Count Dracula's loyal servant. Marco Beltrami's masterful compositions bring to life the eerie and captivating atmosphere of this dark tale.

Experience the power of Marco Beltrami's musical genius as he takes you on a sonic journey through the depths of horror and intrigue. From chilling melodies to heart-pounding rhythms, the "Renfield" soundtrack captures the essence of the film's gripping narrative, leaving you on the edge of your seat.

This 2-LP splatter vinyl edition is a true collector's gem. The discs feature a mesmerizing splatter effect that adds a visual element to the already immersive listening experience. The artwork and design perfectly capture the dark and enigmatic ambiance of "Renfield".

For fans of Marco Beltrami's incredible film scores and vinyl enthusiasts alike, this 2-LP edition of the "Renfield" soundtrack is a must-have addition to your collection. Display it proudly alongside your favorite soundtracks and let the music transport you to the shadowy world of "Renfield".


    Record Label:

    Waxwork WW188




    Back to the Beginning
    Wake and Bake
    Transitional Period
    Renfield Leaves Meeting
    Apache Joe
    Dragging Bodies
    Los Lobos
    Mulates Arrival
    Rebecca and Renfield Kick Ass
    Sweet n Low Hero
    World Domination Plan
    Teddy Meets Dracula
    You’re the Monster Renfield
    Dracula Arrives at CODA
    Dracula Questions
    Let’s Eat
    Renfield Mourns
    Rebecca’s Escape
    Teddy in Dracula’s Lair
    SWAT Team Ambush
    Hello Mr. Dracula
    Renfield and Rebecca
    Dracula in Renfield’s Head
    The Familiar Battle
    Full Husk Emptied
    Rebecca Throws Shade
    Final Embrace
    Renfield’s Affirmations
    We Can Be Heros
    A Patchy Carmen
    Renfield Blues
    Dracula’s Gaze

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