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Macintosh Plus Floral Shoppe (Black Vinyl) LP

Macintosh Plus Floral Shoppe (Black Vinyl) LP

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All time vaporwave classic. Floral Shoppe pressed on classic black vinyl. Floral Shoppe is probably one of the most important albums for the vaporwave genre, right next to Chuck Person - Chuck Person's Eccojams Vol. 1. The album was created by artist Ramona Andra Xavier releasing her music under various aliases: New Dreams Ltd, PrismCorp Virtual Enterprises, Sacred Tapestry, Tanning Salon, VEKTROID or Macintosh Plus as in Floral Shoppe. The album was originally released in 2011 and became one of the most important albums of the decade. Apart from that, it laid the foundation for a whole new genre of music - vaporwave.

Floral Shoppe aesthetic

The Macintosh Plus Floral Shoppe album is already a pop culture icon at this point. The memorable cover art, with its genre-specific aesthetics, has become a fixture on posters and t-shirts.

The essence of vaporwave - Floral Shoppe

Musically the album refers to the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s. It is an imaginary nostalgia for those times, the times from the beginning of the Internet era. The album contains a lot of music samples from that period. They are subjected to classic treatments characteristic for the genre: looping, slowing down. The sound structure is blurred and rearranged. The compositions gain a new context, they also offer new emotions and associations. It is an amazing kind of musical deconstruction.

MACプラス Floral shoppe on pink vinyl and cassette

Floral Shoppe was released digitally and on cassette in 2012 by the Beer On The Rug label. We had to wait a few more years for the vinyl pressing. In 2017, Floral Shoppe appeared on pink vinyl. As we know, this release saw the light of day in the atmosphere of scandal and controversy, which many of you probably read about on the Internet.

This release of Floral Shoppe:

The release offered here is from European distribution and is the only release on black vinyl to date. 


Record Label:

Olde English Spelling Bee ‎– OESBBLA 92




A1 ブート 3:24
A2 リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー 7:18
A3 花の専門店 3:21
A4 ライブラリ 2:44
A5 地理 4:43
B1 Eccoと悪寒ダイビング 6:28
B2 数学 7:37
B3 外ギン Aviation 2:31
B4 ピコ 2:05
B5 待機 1:10
B6 て 2:17