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Machine Girl - Wlfgrl  2xLP (Black Vinyl)

Machine Girl - Wlfgrl 2xLP (Black Vinyl)

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Limited to 2 copies per person

Introducing the Machine Girl Wlfgrl album, now available for purchase on our internet store! This groundbreaking release from Orange Milk Records is a must-have for any fan of experimental electronic music.

The Machine Girl Wlfgrl album is a sonic journey through a world of glitchy beats, distorted vocals, and unexpected twists and turns. The album seamlessly blends elements of IDM, breakcore, and noise music, creating a unique sound that is both challenging and rewarding.

And now, you can own a physical copy of the Wlfgrl album, complete with stunning artwork and high-quality audio, all available for purchase on our internet store. Don't miss your chance to experience this groundbreaking release from Machine Girl and Orange Milk Records - order your copy today!


Record Label

Orange Milk Records  OM 157




A1 MG1 0:46
A2 Ionic Funk (20XX Battle Music) 4:33
A3 Krystle (URL Cyber Palace Mix) 3:35
A4 Ginger Claps 3:05
A5 Ghost 3:05
B1 覆面調査員 (GabberTrap Mix) 2:06
B2 Out By 16, Dead On The Scene 2:30
B3 かわいい Post Rave Maximalist 2:28
B4 Phase α 1:31
B5 Freewill (Phase β) 5:04
C1 Excruciating Deth (Phase γ) 4:53
C2 Hidden Power (Phase δ) 8:39
C3 MG2 1:06
D1 Nightsaber 4:15
D2 Lifeforce2 3:21
D4 Phantasy13 4:17