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Konami Kukeiha Club - Suikoden II (Original Video Game Soundtrack)  2xLP (Light Blue Vinyl)

Konami Kukeiha Club - Suikoden II (Original Video Game Soundtrack) 2xLP (Light Blue Vinyl)

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Ship to Shore PhonoCo. proudly presents a long-awaited gem for video game music enthusiasts: the original soundtrack to Konami's legendary RPG sequel, Suikoden II.

Initially released in Japan in 1998 for the Playstation 1, Suikoden II captivated gamers with its captivating storyline, massive world, and over 100 recruitable characters. It took almost a year for the game to reach North America and another year for European gamers to enjoy.

The Konami Kukeiha Club's score is nothing short of spectacular, with bombastic and rousing themes that perfectly complement the epic journey of the game. The soundtrack also features more subtle and nuanced melodies that add depth and emotion to the characters and their stories.

Record Label

Ship To Shore STS-193




A01. Opening/Battle/Sorrow/Suikoden 2 Theme
A02. Enemy Raid
A03. A Will to Win
A04. Results
A05. Reminiscence
A06. Street Performance
A07. A Journey Adventure
A08. Labyrinth ~ Penpe 2 ~
A09. A Mighty Foe Appears

B01. Nostalgia
B02. Tension
B03. Distant Star
B04. Days Past
B05. Moonlit Night
B06. Passsacaglia With Chorus
B07. The Fugue ~ Praise Be to My Master
B08. Tactics

C01. Ripples of Fate Carry You Away
C02. Two Rivers
C03. Bustling City
C04. Orizzonte
C05. Even Farther
C06. Fighting Monsters, Again
C07. Brought to Bay
C08. Mad Luca
C09. The Evil One

D01. Gothic Neclord
D02. Silver Wolf
D03. ~Ending March~ We Will Always Be (108 Fates) ~ Coda
D04. Triumph