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Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary - Yoko Shimomura 3xLP (Black Vinyl Box)

Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary - Yoko Shimomura 3xLP (Black Vinyl Box)

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Get ready for an exclusive analog record box set celebrating the 20th anniversary of the "Kingdom Hearts" series, set to release in 2022!

This collection features the latest title, "Kingdom Hearts IV," and includes the new song "Reality in the Dark," featured in the 20th-anniversary trailer. Embrace the essence of the series with iconic tracks such as "Dearly Beloved," "Dive into the Heart -Destati-," "Traverse Town," "CHIKAI -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version-," and many more, totaling 36 carefully selected songs that have enriched the adventurous journey throughout the years.

Packaged in a lavish 20th-anniversary-designed box, this 3-CD set comes with an enclosed bonus—an illustration card with a stand. Immerse yourself in the music of the "Kingdom Hearts" series on analog vinyl and relive the magic of these unforgettable compositions. 


Record Label:

Square Enix Music – SQEX-11001~3

Barcode  4988601470124


A1 Dearly Beloved
A2 Simple And Clean (Kingdom Orchestra Instrumental Version)
A3 Dive Into The Heart -Destati-
A4 Destiny Islands
A5 Treasured Memories
A6 Kairi I
A7 Destiny's Force
A8 Traverse Town
B1 Blast Away! -Gummi Ship I-
B2 Hand In Hand
B3 Hollow Bastion
B4 End Of The World
B5 Guardando Nel Buio
B6 Always On My Mind
B7 Vector To The Heavens
C1 Dearly Beloved (Kingdom Hearts II Version)
C2 Passion (Kingdom Orchestra Instrumental Version)
C3 Lazy Afternoons
C4 Tension Rising
C5 Roxas
C6 Sora
C7 Working Together
C8 Organization XIII
D1 The 13th Reflection
D2 The Other Promise
D3 Riku
D4 Darkness Of The Unknown
D5 Rage Awakened
E1 Don't Think Twice (Kingdom Orchestra Instrumental Version)
E2 Face My Fears (Kingdom Orchestra Instrumental Version)
E3 Dearly Beloved (Kingdom Hearts III Version)
E4 Forza Finale
F1 Dark Domination
F2 Vector To The Heavens -Xion-
F3 Nachtflügel
F4 Reality In The Dark