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King Geedorah (MF DOOM) - Take Me To Your Leader 2xLP (Red Vinyl)

King Geedorah (MF DOOM) - Take Me To Your Leader 2xLP (Red Vinyl)

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Get ready to experience the epic collaboration between the legendary MF DOOM and King Geedorah with "Take Me To Your Leader." This album is a must-have for any true hip-hop fan and vinyl collector. Now available on double red vinyl, this release is a limited edition pressing, so don't wait to add it to your collection.

"Take Me To Your Leader" showcases MF DOOM's unmatched talent as a producer and rapper, bringing his signature gritty style to the forefront. Combined with King Geedorah's unique sci-fi and kaiju-inspired themes, the album is a true masterpiece.

Featuring standout tracks like "Fazers," "No Snakes Alive," and "The Fine Print," this album will keep you captivated from start to finish. The clear sound quality on this double LP will transport you to another dimension, making it the perfect addition to your vinyl collection.

Order now and get ready to experience the unmatched talent of MF DOOM and King Geedorah in one of their most iconic collaborations to date. Don't miss out on this limited edition pressing of "Take Me To Your Leader" on double red vinyl.

Record Label

Big Dada Recordings – BD051X

Barcode: 5054429005851



A1 Fazers 3:17
A2 Fastlane 3:08
A3 Krazy World 4:43
A4 The Final Hour 0:49
B1 Monster Zero 5:15
B2 Next Levels 3:47
C1 No Snakes Alive 3:32
C2 Anti-Matter 3:26
C3 Take Me To Your Leader 2:08
C4 Lockjaw 1:03
D1 I Wonder 3:38
D2 One Smart Nigger 2:39
D3 The Fine Print 4:29