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Kentaro Haneda We Love Wizardry  LP (Black Vinyl)

Kentaro Haneda We Love Wizardry LP (Black Vinyl)

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Kentaro Haneda, a renowned composer, arranger, and pianist from Japan, crafted this symphonic album with immense skill and passion. The music comes from the beloved Sir-Tech video game series Wizardry, making it a must-have for fans of both video games and exquisite compositions.

Experience the magic of "We Love Wizardry" as Haneda's skillful hand performance on the synthesizer elevates the music to new heights. The album transcends the boundaries of video game music, immersing listeners in a world of symphonic brilliance.

At our internet record store, we curate a diverse selection of music, and "We Love Wizardry" is a standout gem that has left a lasting impression on fans of both the game and music alike.

Explore the buying options and secure your copy of this limited edition vinyl. Let the symphonic melodies of Kentaro Haneda captivate you, as you relive the enchanting world of the Wizardry video game series.

Experience the magic of "We Love Wizardry" and add this exceptional vinyl reissue to your collection. Don't miss the opportunity to own this rare gem that showcases the mastery of Kentaro Haneda's composition skills and his love for the Wizardry universe. Embrace the symphonic brilliance of this timeless album, beautifully reissued on vinyl for the first time.



Record Label

Lawson Entertainment Inc. IMWVR-1023

Barcode:  4573471821772



Opening theme
Gilgamesh no Sakaba
Boukensha no Yado
Voltak Shouten
Kant Jiin
Machi Hazure
Chika Meikyu
Ninmu Kanryou