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Joseph Renzetti - Dead and Buried (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) LP (Blue Vinyl)

Joseph Renzetti - Dead and Buried (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) LP (Blue Vinyl)

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Limited to 2 copies per person 

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is ecstatic to unveil the debut release of Joseph Renzetti’s haunting score for "Dead & Buried" in a physical format, marking its inaugural appearance on such a medium!

From the minds behind "Alien" emerges a fresh wave of terror in "Dead & Buried," the revered horror gem of 1981. The narrative follows a local sheriff delving into a series of homicides within his community, culminating in one of the most iconic reveals in the annals of 80s horror cinema. Joseph Renzetti’s composition encapsulates an eerie aura, amplifying the pervasive sense of foreboding that saturates the film, while simultaneously imbuing it with a poignant undercurrent, rendering it among the era's most captivating soundtracks.

Presented in a mesmerizing transparent blue variant, these vinyl records are poised to become highly coveted collectibles. Seize the opportunity and ensure you're not left wanting!

Record Label:

Ship To Shore STS-110




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