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Jammin’ Sam Miller Super Metroid (OST Recreated) 2xLP (Black Vinyl)

Jammin’ Sam Miller Super Metroid (OST Recreated) 2xLP (Black Vinyl)

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Limited to 2 copies per person

WRWTFWW Records joyfully presents the inaugural physical release of composer and producer Jammin’ Sam Miller's complete HD re-creation/restoration of the cherished Super Metroid video game soundtrack. Encased in a limited edition biovinyl double LP, this release features 27 tracks and showcases exclusive artwork by French illustrator Pierre Thyss, along with an accompanying obi strip.

Originally composed by Kenji Yamamoto and Minako Hamano, the soundtrack for the 1994 SNES exploration/action-adventure/sci-fi/alien video game Super Metroid has always held a special place in the hearts of fans. Revered for its masterful storytelling through music, the soundtrack skillfully captures the epic and eerie journey of the game's protagonist, Samus Aran. It achieves this through atmospheric sounds, space-operatic arrangements, resonant basslines, techno-futurist moods, tribal drums, and ethereal synth themes. The soundtrack adeptly balances the foreboding sense of a dark threat with contemplative and soothing ambient soundscapes.

Jammin' Sam Miller painstakingly recreated the entire soundtrack note by note. He accomplished this by sourcing the original equipment used in its creation, translating MIDI into a modern studio context, incorporating keyboard samples, and meticulously remixing and remastering the entire score. Miller explains, "This was made possible by locating the original instrument samples from workstation keyboards and drum machines before they were put into the game and rebuilding the soundtrack from the ground up, applying some modern mixing techniques along the way to lift the veil of 16-bit compression and create an updated listening experience."


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Barcode: 4251804144100



A1. Opening (Destruction of the Space Colony)
A2. Theme of Super Metroid
A3. Spaceship (No SFX)
A4. Boss Confrontation 1
A5. To Planet Zebes
A6. Planet Zebes (Arrival on Crateria)
A7. Crateria (The Space Pirates Appear)
A8. Item Acquisition Fanfare (No SFX)
A9. Item Room
B1. Chozo Statue Awakens
B2. Brinstar Overgrown With Vegetation Area
B3. Mini Boss Confrontation
B4. Brinstar Red Soil Swampy Area
B5. Norfair Hot Lava Area
B6. Tension
B7. Boss Confrontation 2
C1. Theme of Samus
C2. Wrecked Ship
C3. Maridia Rocky Underwater Area
C4. Maridia Drifting Sandy Underwater Area
D1. Norfair Ancient Ruins
D2. Mysterious Statue Chamber
D3. Tourian
D4. Continue
D5. Samus Aran's Appearance Fanfare
D6. Mother Brain
D7. Ending