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Jammin' Sam Miller - Donkey Kong Country OST Recreated

Jammin' Sam Miller - Donkey Kong Country OST Recreated

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This is a recreated soundtrack to Donkey Kong Country - an epic game published by Nintendo. The music was translated from MIDI to high quality studio content. So this is much more than simple re-mastering. The whole soundtrack was made from the beginning – note by note. The original soundtrack was composed mostly by David Wise. He wanted to push the SNES games music to the next level, and he did. Just listen to " Aquatic Ambience". This is an ambient masterpiece.

The record was released by Musique Pour La Danse on yellow banana couloured vinyl.


Record Label

Musique Pour La Danse ‎– MPD 036

Barcode: 541416512362



The Jungle
A1 Theme
A2 Simian Segue
A3 Jungle Groove
A4 Bonus Room Blitz
A5 Cranky's Theme
Unfamiliar Territory
B1 Cave Dweller Concert
B2 Aquatic Ambience
B3 Funky's Fugue
B4 Candy's Love Song
B5 Bad Boss Boogie
Monkey Mines
C1 Life In The Mines
C2 Mine Cart Madness
C3 Misty Menace
C4 Voices of the Temple
C5 Treetop Rock
The Last Stand
D1 Forest Frenzy
D2 Northern Hemispheres
D3 Ice Cave Chant
D4 Fear Factory
D5 Gangplank Galleon
D6 Game Over
D7 The Credits Concerto