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Hyper Light Drifter Soundtrack by Disasterpeace 4xLP (Colored Boxset Vinyl)

Hyper Light Drifter Soundtrack by Disasterpeace 4xLP (Colored Boxset Vinyl)

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Limited to one copy per person

Since its original release on vinyl, Hyper Light Drifter has been one of iam8bit’s most-requested represses of all-time. Back in 2016, the soundtrack was a boon in blasting the video game vinyl revolution into orbit, propelled by composer Disasterpeace’s atmospheric and ephemeral score that is now more poignant than ever. In anticipation of Heart Machine’s latest opus, Solar Ash (from Annapurna Interactive), we thought it a lovely celebratory moment to bring back one of our most cherished releases. This is a completist edition, across four translucent colored records, housed in a premium, custom-designed hardcase with a beautiful tri-fold outer wrap (easily opened/closed via a hidden magnet). The cherry on the sundae – a specialty foil layer, alive with metallic, luminescent sheen. It’s a truly delicious package for the now legendary Hyper Light Drifter.




Record Label:

Iam8bit – 8BIT-8026

Barcode: 852428007112



A1 Vignette: Panacea 1:43
A2 Vignette: Visions 3:11
A3 Titan 2:51
A4 Wisdom's Tragedy 2:06
A5 Seeds Of The Crown 5:53
A6 Vignette: Corruption 1:10
B1 The Midnight Wood 6:38
B2 Gaol In The Deep 3:53
B3 The Resonant Canyon 5:19
B4 Stasis Awakening 4:34
C1 The Last General 2:57
C2 The Winding Ridge 6:12
C3 Flock 6:53
C4 Cult Of The Zealous 4:45
D1 Cascades 3:25
D2 The Refiner's Fire 6:07
D3 Mycelium 6:45
E1 Acropolis Falls 4:08
E2 A Chorus Of Tongues 6:11
E3 The Hermit 3:18
E4 The Water Shelf 4:31
F1 Petrichor 3:45
F2 The Gauntlet 16:16
G1 The Sentients 9:27
G2 The Abyss 4:50
G3 Chimera 5:29
H1 Panacea 6:04
H2 The Heirloom 0:36