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Homeworld Remastered (Original Soundtrack) - Paul Ruskay 2xLP (Black Vinyl)

Homeworld Remastered (Original Soundtrack) - Paul Ruskay 2xLP (Black Vinyl)

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Limited to 2 copies per household

While the visionaries at Relic Entertainment diligently shaped the expansive space strategy world of Homeworld in 1999, the maestro behind the series' composition, Paul Ruskay, found himself in a realm of creative autonomy, sculpting the now-iconic score. His inspiration drew from an eclectic array, including the ethereal soundscape of Vangelis' Blade Runner score, the ambient artistry of Brian Eno, the global instrument sampling of Algerian DJ Cheb i Sabbah, and the electronic landscapes painted by the duo Delirium. The birth of Homeworld's soundtrack was rooted in Ruskay's resourceful adaptation to limitations, navigating his "primitive setup" of synthesizers, samplers, and sequencers amidst the construction of his Studio X Labs.

In the meticulous process of restoring the Homeworld Remastered Collection, Ruskay ventured into the depths of time, unearthing original music DAT tapes from a shoebox and resurrecting decade-old Pro Tools Studio sessions. Uncompressed renditions of all tracks were meticulously crafted. Subtle yet faithful musical nuances were thoughtfully woven to broaden the soundscapes of the first Homeworld. Only then did Ruskay engage in an artful remixing and sequencing, breathing new life into the score while preserving its essence.



Record Label

Laced Records LMLP209



The Guidestone
The Beginning
Hyperdrive Test
Outer Kharak System
The Kar-Selimin
Turanic Raiders
Return to Kharak
Did Not Survive Interrogation
The Great Wastelands
The Bentusi
Tradeship Exchange
Imperial Battle (Original)
Imperial Battle (Remixed)
Imperial Transmission
Into the Heart of the Galaxy
No One Returns
The Gardens of Kadesh
Swarmers Attack
History of the Kadeshi
The Sea of Lost Souls
Entering the Outer Rim
Heavy Radiation
The Emperor Speaks
The Bentusi Under Attack
The Rebellion Begins
The Karos Graveyard
Hiigara System
Bridge of Sighs
Hyperspace Inhibitors
Final Preparations
Headshot Asteroid
Final Throes
One Step Too Close