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Hiroshi Yoshimura - Surround LP (Blue Vinyl)

Hiroshi Yoshimura - Surround LP (Blue Vinyl)

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Discover the serene world of Hiroshi Yoshimura with the timeless masterpiece "Surround LP." This ambient gem, originally created in 1986, is now available for the first time in an official reissue. Immerse yourself in the tranquil landscapes crafted by a true pioneer of the genre.

Release Notes:

  • First-ever official reissue: Experience the magic of Hiroshi Yoshimura's ambient masterpiece with this first-ever official reissue, carefully produced in full cooperation with Hiroshi Yoshimura's estate.

  • New liner notes: Gain insight into the album's creation through new liner notes by the original album producer, Hiroyoshi Shiokawa. Dive into the world of Surround and its unique place in the ambient music landscape.

  • Bilingual notes: Yoshimura's original notes, in both Japanese and English, provide a deeper connection to the artist's intentions and the album's essence.

  • Remastering and lacquer cutting: The album has been meticulously remastered and cut by the skilled hands of John Baldwin, ensuring that every sonic nuance is preserved in its purest form.

  • Vinyl pressing: The vinyl edition of Surround has been expertly pressed at Gotta Groove Records, guaranteeing an exceptional listening experience.

Hiroshi Yoshimura's Vision:

"If Surround can be listened to as music that’s as close to air itself, allowing us to enter each listener’s sound scenery, or as something that exists within a new perspective, expanding the middle ground between sound and music, and transforming it into a comfortable space, it would be much appreciated." — Hiroshi Yoshimura

The Album:

Surround was originally created as a commission from home builder Misawa Homes in 1986, intended to enhance the living spaces they constructed. Hiroshi Yoshimura, a pioneer in environmental music, brought this vision to life. His previous works, including "Music For Nine Post Cards" (1982), reflected his expertise in designing sound environments for public spaces and museums.

A Sonic Journey:

In his original notes, Yoshimura recommends that Surround be placed in the same category of sounds as everyday life, such as footsteps, air conditioning hums, or the clinking of a spoon in a coffee cup. With the addition of the city's outside noise, you may discover a new perspective on Surround's soothing embrace.


Record Label

Temporal Drift DRFT09




A1 Time After Time 10:56
A2 Surround 3:33
A3 Something Blue 5:36
B1 Time Forest 10:36
B2 Water Planet 2:12
B3 Green Shower 6:06