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Heroes of Might and Magic III (Original Soundtrack) by Paul Anthony Romero  Rob King 2xLP  (Conflux Orange Vinyl)

Heroes of Might and Magic III (Original Soundtrack) by Paul Anthony Romero Rob King 2xLP (Conflux Orange Vinyl)

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Limited to five copies per person (one per colour).

Second pressing, edition limited to 1500 copies total. Available in five awesome colors: Tower White, Stronghold Tan, Fortress Teal, Dungeon Purple, Conflux Orange. This is double vinyl album with the music of Heroes of Might & Magic III, the cult classic strategy game. For the very first time in over 20 years, this fan favorite soundtrack will be available as a much anticipated collector’s edition LP (second edition), freshly remastered for the occasion.
Gamemusic records teamed up with Paul Anthony Romero and Rob King, the original creators of this masterpiece, to bring it back to life in a way which does justice to the legacy of both the game and music itself.

This is version pressed on Conflux Orange vinyl records. 



Record Label:

Gamemusic Records – GM 05

Matrix / Runout: V-52-082 A1 DMM H.P.



A1 The Pride Of Erathia
A2 Searching The Highlands
A3 Crossing At The Stronghold
A4 A Cold Crusade
A5 Beauty In The Darkest Of Things
A6 Passage To The Inferno
A7 Lizard Marshes
A8 The Search For Greater Lands
A9 The Oceans Of Erathia
A10 Wandering Through The Desert
B1 Escape From Nighon
B2 The Druid & The Ranger
B3 The Heretic's Plan
B4 The Kingdom Of Tatalia
B5 The Wizard & The Alchemist
B6 The Necropolis
B7 The Reign Of The Orcs
B8 The Altar Of Magic
B9 Welcome To Steadwick
C1 Capturing The Lands
C2 Fighting For The King
C3 For Blood & Honor
C4 The Battle Of Antagarich
C5 A Contemplation Of Strategy
C6 A Quick Stroll Through The Kingdom
C7 Sneaking Through Erathia
C8 A Hero's Victory
D1 A Song For Catherine
D2 No Rest For The Lich King
D3 Roland's Reprise
D4 Secret Of The Grail Artifact
D5 Quest To Free King Roland
D6 A Passage To Bracada
D7 Avlee's Promenade
D8 The Demoniac's Odyssey
D9 Contested Lands
D10 King Roland's Return
D11 Planning Gryphonheart's Demise
D12 The Necromancers Of Deyja
D13 The Pilgrimage To Krewold
D14 No Rest For Crusaders