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Haruomi Hosono - Cochin Moon  LP (Deep Yellow Vinyl)

Haruomi Hosono - Cochin Moon LP (Deep Yellow Vinyl)

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Introducing the Haruomi Hosono - Cochin Moon LP (Deep Yellow Vinyl) - an exceptional musical masterpiece that transports you on an ethereal journey through ambient soundscapes and innovative electronic compositions. Immerse yourself in the captivating fusion of traditional Japanese influences and futuristic synth explorations, skillfully crafted by the legendary musician Haruomi Hosono.

This exclusive edition of Cochin Moon on deep yellow vinyl adds a visually striking element to the auditory delight. The vibrant yellow hue of the vinyl perfectly complements the avant-garde nature of the album, reflecting the vividness of its sonic palette. With its eye-catching appearance, this LP not only pleases the ears but also makes for a stunning addition to any vinyl collection or display.

Hosono's Cochin Moon is a groundbreaking album that originally debuted in 1978. It was inspired by his visit to India and fused elements of Indian classical music, electronic experimentation, and traditional Japanese instruments. The result is an otherworldly sonic landscape that captivates listeners with its dreamlike atmospheres and rich textures.

This LP reissue faithfully preserves the original album's essence, allowing both longtime fans and newcomers to rediscover and appreciate the genius of Haruomi Hosono's visionary work. The warm analog sound and high-quality pressing ensure an immersive listening experience, where every sonic detail is meticulously brought to life.


Record Label:

Light In The Attic – LITA174

Barcode: 826853017411



A1 Malabar Hotel: Ground Floor... Triangle Circuit On The Sea-Forest 2:33
A2 Malabar Hotel: Upper Floor...Moving Triangle 8:48
A3 Malabar Hotel: Roof Garden...Revel Attack 8:50
B1 Hepatitis 4:46
B2 Hum Ghar Sajan 8:48
B3 Madam Consul General Of Madras 9:02