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Hakushi Hasegawa - Somoku Hodo LP (Clear  Blue Vinyl)

Hakushi Hasegawa - Somoku Hodo LP (Clear Blue Vinyl)

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長谷川白紙 – 草木萌動

Hakushi Hasegawa, a Tokyo-based musician and singer-songwriter, is the first Japanese artist signed to Brainfeeder. Announced in July 2023 with the single “Mouth Flash (Kuchinohanabi)” featuring Sam Wilkes, Hakushi made a striking debut at Fuji Rock Festival and composed the soundtrack for noir kei ninomiya’s Spring/Summer 2024 show at Paris Fashion Week. In November, Hakushi was featured in Yuriika [Eureka], a prestigious Japanese literary magazine.

Hakushi's music defies genre, blending alternative, electronic, jazz, and pop/J-pop. Their sound ranges from delicate to intense. Since 2018, Hakushi has gained domestic acclaim and built an international following, with collaborations including Kid Fresino, TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA, and Eye from Boredoms.

Debuting with “Somoku Hodo” in 2018 and the album “Air Ni Ni” in 2019, Hakushi has cemented their status as one of Japan’s most adventurous artists. They performed at Porter Robinson’s “Secret Sky” festival in May 2020 and graced the cover of “MUSIC MAGAZINE” in September 2020.


Record Label

Brainfeeder BF 137




A1 草木 Somoku 4:27
A2 毒 Doku 2:53
A3 它会消失 Ta Hui Xiaoxi 7:26
A4 妾薄命 Qie Boming 1:29
B1 キュー Cue 4:13
B2 はみ出す指 Hamidasu Yubi 4:23
B3 Doku (Screwed)