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Hako Yamasaki - Tsunawatari  LP (Black Vinyl)

Hako Yamasaki - Tsunawatari LP (Black Vinyl)

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Experience the hauntingly beautiful voice of Hako Yamasaki with the reissue of her 1976 album Tsunawatari, now available on black vinyl through WRWTFWW Records. Known for her fusion of traditional Japanese music and Western pop, Yamasaki's Tsunawatari is a timeless classic that showcases her ethereal vocals and poetic lyrics.

This vinyl reissue has been carefully remastered from the original tapes, bringing out the full depth and richness of Yamasaki's voice and the intricacies of the arrangements. The album features a blend of styles, from the soaring strings and twinkling pianos of "Madonna no Hikari" to the stripped-down simplicity of "Koi Uta."

With its blend of Japanese folk melodies and contemporary pop sensibilities, Tsunawatari is a must-have for any fan of world music. And with this vinyl reissue, you can experience it in all its analog glory. The LP comes with a full-color insert with an interview with Hako Yamasaki and rare photos, making it the perfect addition to any music lover's collection.


Record Label:

Label: WRWTFWW Records wrwtfww080

Barcode: 4251804140447



A1. Mukai Kaze
A2. Shiroi Hana
A3. Himawari
A4. Tenjo
A5. Help Me
B1. Hitori Uta
B2. Harmonica Fuki No Otoko
B3. Tsunawatari
B4. Utaitaino
B5. Tanjo Iwai