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Fortnite: Best of the Lobby LP  (Peely Yelllow Vinyl)

Fortnite: Best of the Lobby LP (Peely Yelllow Vinyl)

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Limited to 2 copies per person.

Fortnite isn't just a game; it's a cultural phenomenon that transcends boundaries. At iam8bit, we embrace the magic that happens when creativity meets technology. That's why we're thrilled to collaborate with Epic Games on the Fortnite: Best of the Lobby vinyl, celebrating the game's vibrant and diverse community.

This 1xLP vinyl is a treasure trove of Fortnite's most beloved Lobby tracks and tunes. From the iconic Default Vibe and Solid Groove to the adrenaline-pumping Afterburner and even festive jams like Frosty Serenade, it's a compilation that will delight fans and players alike. The vinyl itself comes in a striking peely yellow color, adding a touch of vibrancy to your collection.

But Fortnite isn't just about the music; it's an artistic experience in every sense. That's why we enlisted the infinitely funky Jim Mahfood for the album art and design. You'll find your favorite Fortnite characters hanging out and enjoying the jams, creating a visual spectacle that perfectly complements the music.

We know that Fortnite is more than just a game; it's a symphony of million moving parts, an intersection of community, technology, and artistry. With the Fortnite: Best of the Lobby vinyl, we're humbled to play a small part in that grand symphony. This album is a true labor of love, celebrating the magic that happens when players and creators come together in this digital playground.

Experience the essence of Fortnite with this vinyl album. Let the music and art take you on a journey into the heart of this global phenomenon, where creativity knows no bounds. Join us as we celebrate the spirit of Fortnite and the incredible community that makes it a world of its own.


Record Label

iam8bit 8BIT-8169



A1. Frosty Serenade
A2. Windmill Floss
A3. Eerie
A4. Switch Up
A5. Overdrive
A6. Wild
A7. Disco
A8. Get Funky
A9. Running Man
A1. Mecha Power (Instrumental)

B1. Solid Groove
B2. Billy Bounce
B3. War's Horizon
B4. Might
B5. Festive
B6. Mecha Power
B7. Afterburner
B8. Default Vibe